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Next season inspiration…

Posted in Costume Jewelry, Shows by ninapolli on July 5, 2011

Antonio Marras showed his collection for Fall 2011 in Milan on February 25, 2011. Taking inspiration from his mother Nannina, this collection pays homage not only to his mother but the forties were celebrated with cinched in waists, red lips, stockings, and floral dresses. Team this inspiration with Marras’s elegant eclectic style and wonderful layering, it is absolutely one of my favourites for next season. Below is a piece from Nina Polli Vintage that for me evokes a similar quality.

Daniel Egnéus

Posted in Costume Jewelry, drawing, Inspiration by ninapolli on June 30, 2011

I just discovered the amazing beauty of these delicate illustrations by illustrator Daniel Egnéus. Here he shows his work process on You Tube, creating the beautifully illustrated Little Red Riding Hood. Enjoy!

Oh and just wanted to share the beauty of these Chanel earrings, from Nina Polli Vintage, which seem to match the intricate beauty of Daniel’s work…

Chanel Present and Past

Posted in Bags, Costume Jewelry, Shows by ninapolli on June 22, 2011

These beautiful images are from the presentation of the Paris-Byzance Collection in Istanbul. You can view more of these beautiful images here. Below are two new pieces, just arrived in Nina Polli Vintage. The thing I love about Chanel is the timeless beauty, these pieces would have fitted perfectly in the Paris-Byzance show, yet thirty years has passed!

Photo Inspiration part 2

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Beautiful photographs by Lena Modigh. Love the soft colours and light. They almost look like paintings, remind me of Alison Watt’s fabric paintings…

Latest Chanel Bags from Nina Polli Vintage

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Three absolutely stunning Vintage Chanel bags available in Nina Polli Vintage.

Photo Inspiration part 1

Posted in Inspiration, Photos by ninapolli on May 17, 2011

I am working on a fashion shoot for Nina Polli Vintage so this is my excuse to post some beautiful photo inspiration….Here are works from Tamara Lichtenstein, Aaron Feaver, and Eliot Lee Hazel.

Summer is coming…

Posted in Costume Jewelry, Inspiration, Photos by ninapolli on May 14, 2011

Its time to start looking forward to balmy evenings, summer dresses, the heat of the sun and the smell of the ocean…Below are a couple of new pieces from Nina Polli Vintage, a very pretty blue enamel Givenchy bracelet and a gorgeous mother of pearl Chanel camelia pendant brooch. Click on images for more pictures and info..

Hermes Old and New!

Posted in scarves, Shows by ninapolli on March 26, 2011

Hermes Fall/Winter 2011 and below Vintage Hermes from Nina Polli Vintage. Amazing how quality never goes out of fashion!

Chanel Old and New!

Posted in Bags, Shows by ninapolli on March 24, 2011

Chanel Fall/Winter 2011 and below two new vintage Chanel bags just arrived at Nina Polli Vintage!

Beatriz Saladich

Posted in Editorial, Inspiration by ninapolli on March 10, 2011

Is she the next model superstar?